Warranty | Marantz


Purchasing products online at Marantz.com or from one of our authorized dealers means that the product purchased is a “factory fresh,” supplied directly from Marantz and ensuring the integrity of the product with the full base of knowledge and training around product performance. We cannot ensure such an experience with product purchased from other sites and, if the product is altered in any way, it will void the warranty. Marantz products purchased from unauthorized dealers do not qualify for warranty coverage. If you are purchasing from a site other than Marantz.com and would like to check to see if your dealer is authorized, please click here or if in doubt, call Marantz at 1-201-762-6666.

In broad terms, if a Marantz component fails because of defects in materials or workmanship within Three years of purchase (Five for Reference gear), we will fix it at no charge.

Of course, our lawyers had to earn their keep with some exclusions (read Marantz USA Limited Warranty) but if you haven’t abused your Marantz or subjected it to vile conditions, you’re covered. It’s that simple.