Marantz 8K Collection

8K Collection

Incredible sound calls for an incredible picture.

Discover the 8K Difference

Usher in the next generation of ultra-high-definition movies and gaming with products that support 8K resolution. 8K provides a sharper and more detailed image containing roughly 33 million pixels, delivering unparalleled visual detail. 

Crafted by Artisans
Improved Upscaling
Superior Motion and Image Quality

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Paired Perfection

Paired Perfection

When combining the 8K-compatible AV 10 with the powerful, 200-watt-per-channel AMP 10, expect to enjoy an elite, reference-level entertainment system that brings extraordinary detail and lifelike dynamics
The Sound of Cinema

The Sound of Cinema

The Marantz CINEMA Series is built with inspired design and 70 years of innovation. Plus, all the AV receivers are 8K-compatible, making them a future-proof choice for your entertainment setup.
Exquisite Slimline Design

Sleek Profile

Compact in design and 8K compatible, the CINEMA 70s and the STEREO 70s make great options when considering a premium audio-visual experience without the space commitment.
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