Max Richter’s Sound of CINEMA

Marantz welcomes our new Sound Ambassador

A Living Epic

One of contemporary music’s most prodigious figures, Max Richter creates music as if he’s scoring his own life. Well known for his award-winning compositions, Richter's influence goes beyond movies and music to touch art, dance, theatre, and luxury fashion. Now, he joins Marantz to help enthusiasts see sound differently.

// ...the first time I listened on a Marantz system, which my parents had bought, it was almost like I hadn't heard music before, a door opening into a completely different space. //

-Max Richter

Hearing the Beauty

Max Richter expresses his expectations for a perfect score, saying, “The ideal cinematic sound is immersive, dynamic, evolving.” Only with the right equipment can that complete 360-degree experience be obtained. When done right, you will feel an environment that is far more personal and enveloping than the movie theatre.

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Max Ritcher - The perfect sound is really something
// The perfect sound is really something that gives you the sense that you are experiencing the piece of music exactly as the artist intended. //
- Max Richter

The Secret to a Cinematic Experience

The sound of Max Richter was seemingly designed to highlight the mastery and range of Marantz CINEMA products. While our pieces are created to fulfill the intent of every artist, Max’s work soars with a unique and grandiose beauty. With each composition, whether it’s from film, television, or music, a perfect creation will transform your home theatre into an expansive sonic environment. Similar to Max's techniques, Marantz soundscapes are defined by intricate details that slowly immerse you in your film.

Max Ritcher - Marantz CINEMA Series

Marantz CINEMA Series

With artisanal craftsmanship, inspired design, and nearly 70 years of innovation, this is cinematic sound, redefined. That means sound meticulously designed to reveal entertainment the way it’s meant to be heard. Bring home the sound of cinema.

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