Home Theater Collection

Home Theater Collection

Discover our line of home theater components, see what sets each one apart, and build the system that’s perfect for you.

Listen and Watch Differently

Our home theater components bring your movies and music to life, no matter the scale of your home. From slim and discreet to stylish and imposing, each piece is infused with remarkable advancements in sound quality and engineered with Marantz technology, our elite AV receivers, AV processors, and power amplifiers were designed for enthusiasts who require an elite, reference-level entertainment system.

Picture-Perfect Sound
Immersive Experience
Exquisite Design

Surround Sound Solutions

For Smaller or Mid-Sized Rooms

For Smaller or Mid-Sized Rooms

The hallmarks of Marantz sound – the spaciousness, warm and rich tone, extraordinary detail and lifelike dynamics – are available in solutions with scaled output that will still provide plenty of power.
For Spacious and Expansive Rooms

For Spacious and Expansive Rooms

For larger spaces, Marantz CINEMA Series offers models starting scaling from 110 watts per channel that will be sure to fill your listening area with impeccable clarity and include all the HDMI inputs for your setup.
For Dedicated Home Theaters

For Dedicated Home Theaters

The ultimate in cinematic sound can be achieved through a high-output CINEMA Series AV receiver or, alternatively, with a combination of a dedicated AV processor and power amplifier.

Streamlined Solutions

Two-channel Options

Two-Channel Options

Our integrated amplifiers deliver a luxurious analog feel, while our slimline stereo receivers offer serious performance from a small footprint.

For Simplicity

Keep it simple with an elegant, compact solution that offers peerless stereo performance. Enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and music with seamless connectivity and easy setup thanks to HEOS Built-in technology.

Worthy Additions

Expand Your System

Expand Your System

Reconnect with your CD and vinyl collections with any of our Sound Master engineered CD/SACD players or exquisitely designed turntables.
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