70 years

A Message from Marantz President,

Joel Sietsema

Issue Two: The Most Memorable Sound

// 2023 marks the 70th year of Marantz. //

The world sounded and looked so very different in 1953 compared to today. Yet our guiding purpose to bring beautiful, powerful, detailed, immersive—brilliant—sound to you, has remained constant.

The most memorable sound

In 2020, McKinsey & Company found that the average lifespan of a company on the Standard and Poor's 500 Index was just over 21 years, compared with 32 years in 1965. In almost every regard, 70 years has made the Marantz experience better, not worse; experience and learning have that effect. This is precisely why we recently announced a 70-day global trade-in program, honoring Marantz owners by providing them a unique opportunity to access the very latest—and best—Marantz pieces.

To further celebrate our history and this remarkable milestone, Marantz created a three-day experiential showcase in New York, demonstrating our legacy, performance, and values. We had the pleasure of hosting over 200 close friends of the brand from around the world, as well as honoring Marantz employees from New York, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai. The response to this experience in NY and other markets has been incredibly fulfilling, and we’re excited to do it again in the future.

// In 2023, owning a Marantz remains an understated, quiet luxury. //

And we prefer it that way. We choose to design sound systems that will age beautifully with time, developing a sort of patina for you—or whomever you pass it on to—to be proud of. That’s our goal. And it means acquiring a Marantz is often a significant investment, just as it was in past decades. True product reliability is simply more expensive to achieve.

The most memorable sound

Marantz employs product designers and engineers with over 30 years of know-how and experience. We perform over 50 different quality validation and assurance tests for every piece that ships with the Marantz name on it. Every Marantz takes years of up-front design detailing, sound obsessing, and experience validation before we deliver a single unit to you. And we continue testing throughout the product’s life. Everything we know and everything we do is intended to make your Marantz ownership better. That’s the real value of 70 years.

The most memorable sound

Marantz remains steadfast in maintaining our standards of quality because you, our owners, are similarly steadfast in your standards of excellence. Product design is a perpetual journey of betterment, and I’m grateful for your support and feedback as we continue our pursuit of the Most Musical Sound. Cheers to 70!

To time well spent,


- Joel Sietsema

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