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Beyond surround sound.

Experience Immersion

Feel every dimension. The revolutionary spatial audio technology of Dolby Atmos enables astonishing 3D sound and creates lifelike immersion. The most modern and sophisticated way to hear sounds as detailed 3D objects, Dolby is also designed to adapt, expanding the impact of sound to match the size of your system.

Suspend Disbelief
Performance Perfected
Always Immersive

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Elite Level Experience

Elite Level Experience

Marantz defies the status quo for home theatre quality and immersion. These reference-level components merge the latest innovation and engineering prowess with an extensive list of technologies to bring the cinema home.
An AVR for Every Ambition

An AVR for Every Ambition

From essential luxury to grand scale, Marantz CINEMA Series includes models to suit every dream. CINEMA AVRs are available with up to 11.4 amplifier channels rated at up to 140W per channel.
Sonic Elegance Redefined

Sonic Elegance Redefined

Marantz slimline AVRs are designed with many of the same groundbreaking technologies as full-size AVRs but in an elegantly slim chassis that fits where others cannot.
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