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Google Assistant

Control playback on your Marantz
using voice controls with Google Assistant


Connect any Google Assistant device to your Marantz speaker, AV Receiver, or amplifier with HEOS Built-in, and become immersed in the sounds you love.

Use Google Assistant for effortless voice control

Play your music in the HEOS app, and then ask your Google Assistant to control volume, pause, skip tracks and more.

Simply say, ‘Hey Google, skip to the next track in the living room.’

Different room, same
iconic sound

Google Assistant lets you control playback on your Marantz products in perfect harmony.

Don’t stop the music

Take phone calls or play games using your phone, and your Marantz will continue to play.

Add HEOS to your
Google Home

Fully integrate Marantz into your smart home.

Setup is quick and easy

Simply search for the HEOS action in the Google Home app, link it with your HEOS account, and follow the instructions on screen.

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