Works with Alexa

Works with Alexa

Combine Amazon’s latest streaming technology with the Marantz signature sound

Stream audio from your favorite music apps using your Amazon device. Simply connect it to your Marantz product with HEOS Built-in, and become immersed in the sounds you love.

Team up with Alexa for total control

Using your Amazon device, ask Alexa to play your favorite album, skip track, and turn up the volume. Plus, you can choose exactly which room(s) you’d like it to play from.

Different room, same iconic sound

Alexa lets you stream music to all of your Marantz products in perfect harmony.

Don’t stop the music

Take phone calls or play games using your phone, and your Marantz will continue to play.

Enable the HEOS skill

Fully integrate Marantz into your smart home.

Setup is quick and easy

From the Alexa app, choose 'Skills' and 'HEOS Home Entertainment' to enable the skill. Once enabled, you can discover your HEOS-Built-In device(s) in one of two ways.

Either go to 'Smart Home' in the Alexa app menu and choose 'Devices' and 'Add Device' or simply say "Alexa, discover my devices."

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