7 Channel Power Amplifier with 150W

Featuring our unique current feedback discrete power amp output stages that are identical for all channels and equipped with multiple high current discrete power.

  • Classic Design
  • 7 Channels
  • 150 Watts per Channel
  • Class A/B Amplifier

4,8 out of 5 Customer Rating
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MM8077 - Precise power and superior sound

Precise Power and Superior Sound

This 7-channel amplifier was designed to deliver the essential entertainment experience.



MM8077 is built to deliver on its promise of high-performance power. It’s no-nonsense, yet elegant design ensures that every ounce of amplification is available whenever you require it.

The power supply features a high current toroidal power transformer along with high power (71WVDC) filter capacitors with a total 100,000µF capacitance to easily handle sharp short-term transient peaks.

The Marantz Sound Master meticulously tuned MM8077 for amazing performance with careful parts selection to create the Most Musical Sound in your home.

Featuring our unique current feedback discrete power amp output stages that are identical for all channels, the MM8077 is equipped with multiple high current discrete power transistors that feature high slew rate and wide operating bandwidth to extract the most detail from today’s high resolution audio formats.

MM8077 - Masterfully Built MM8077 - Masterfully Built MM8077 - Clean And Consistent Power MM8077 - Sound Master Tuned MM8077 - Unique Current Feedback
MM8077 - Masterfully Built

Key Technologies

  • hdam HDAM
  • Enjoy pristine 8K picture quality Current Feedback
  • ClassAB Class A/B

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