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What is Dirac Live

Dirac Live is a professional room calibration solution that enables you to optimize your sound systems and reduce unwanted effects introduced by the room. Utilizing purpose-built audio algorithms, Dirac Live provides world-class room correction with time domain correction by means of patented mixed-phase filter technology. An intuitive user interface and step-by-step guidance allows for a quick setup, ease of use, and robust personalization.

Enhance your System

Why You Should Use Dirac Live

Enhanced Clarity

Your listening space affects sound. Walls, floors, windows, furniture and speaker position all affect how sound waves travel. Dirac Live Room Correction minimizes these unwanted effects and helps deliver transparency and sound precision unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

More Accurate Imaging and Staging

Fine acoustic details appear with better and more clear frequency reproduction. Vocals and instruments become more cohesive and fill a wider space, enveloping you as if at a concert.

Larger Sweet Spot

Reduce unwanted resonances to experience an expanded soundstage. You will enjoy greater spaciousness throughout your entire listening area.

Tune with Simplicity

Experience the perfect combination of leading performance and effortless operation. With an intuitive user interface and step-by-step guidance Dirac Live allows for an easy setup and precise personalization of the target sound curves.

Dirac Live Compatible Devices

Explore a selection of home theater products that are able to utilize Dirac Live for customized sound in any room.

Here’s How

  1. 1. Download Dirac Live.
  2. 2. Create a Dirac account.
  3. 3. Purchase a license for your device and follow activation instructions.
  4. 4. Log in to Dirac Live on your device.
  5. 5. Calibrate and immerse.

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Take your Marantz to the next level with Dirac Live Room Correction and customize your listening experience.

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