Marantz Trade-In | Marantz™

There's never been a better
time to elevate the way you
experience music and cinema.

In honor of their 70th Anniversary, Marantz invites you to
trade in your existing amplifiers or AV receivers—from any
brand—and receive a credit towards a new Marantz.

This rare offer is only available for 70 days at participating
dealerships from September 1st through November 10th.

To Take Advantage of This Offer

Visit our retailer page and enter your location. To find a participating retailer, simply look for the trade-in symbol, or click “sort by” and select “Marantz Trade-In Retailers” (look for retailers displaying the trade-in symbol). Once you locate the nearest participating dealership, bring in your existing amplifier or AV receiver and upgrade to a new Marantz.