Hi-Fi Collection

No matter your musical passions, your experience is always elevated with Marantz.

Hi-Fi Lifestyle

There are infinite reasons to listen—to transform yourself, to transport to another world, or simply to connect with the emotion of a certain track. While music can be found anywhere, only a dedicated hi-fi system can fully uncover the potential within every sound. With unmatched precision, Marantz products express your favorite songs and movies in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Premium Tuning

Premium Tuning

Every Marantz product is meticulously tuned by our acoustic artisans. It is their precise attention to detail that creates our beloved warmth and musicality.

Quality Built

Quality Built

Marantz pieces are engineered holistically so that style and craft are just as important as sound. Matte, anodized aluminum front panels and a copper shielding offer sleek protection that is both satisfying to the eye and to the touch.

Sound Perfected

Sound Perfected

Marantz delivers the artists’ emotional intent with a natural and lifelike quality—beautifully reproducing the tones and colors of a record.

Marantz Recommends

Perfect Harmony

Start your journey into hi-fi with the pure musicality of the CD6007 in concert with the PM6007. Designed for the aspiring audio enthusiast, this pair lets you enjoy masterfully recreated audio from CDs or streaming.

The Modern Luxury Amplifier

When connected to the loudspeakers of your choice, the MODEL 40n integrated network amplifier becomes your singular source for extraordinary sound. This all-inclusive package features everything you need for an elevated musical experience—whether you’re streaming, listening to vinyl, or getting lost in a film.

Your Ultimate Experience

MODEL 30 and SACD 30n were crafted for those who love the artistry of setting up and perfecting their system. The most modern expression of Marantz technologies, this pair gives you an exacting experience with all of your preferred formats.

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