AV8805 HDMI 8K Upgrade Kit - Marantz™

The Marantz AV8805 defines the finest in home entertainment musicality and quality. It provides expansive connectivity and capabilities to design incredible immersive movie and music experiences in your home. Building on our legacy of superior AV processors, you can now upgrade your AV8805 to enjoy the latest HDMI specifications. Discover the industry’s best picture quality and gaming features alongside Marantz’s legendary audio performance.

We are excited to offer an HDMI 8K Upgrade for Marantz AV8805 owners. Discover more of what matters from your AV8805 with support for the latest HDMI specifications to enjoy your movies and video games like never before. The upgrade - requiring hardware modification at an authorized Marantz Service Center – will enable you to enjoy the following benefits of that adhere to the latest HDMI specifications. Please contact your local Marantz retailer for more details.

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