If you purchase your brand-new Marantz product from an authorised Marantz dealer you will be guaranteed of obtaining your full THREE YEAR warranty for PREMIUM products (excl. Universal Remote Controls) and a TWO YEAR warranty for all other products (RANGE series & Universal Remote Controls). Products from our Premium Series can be recognised by the model number. The model numbers of the Premium Series are smaller than 20 (i.e. PM11, PM14 etc.) In the case that your MARANTZ product develops a fault within its applicable warranty period please return it to the authorised dealer, where it was purchased. Your dealer can then honour the product under the warranty terms and conditions. Please remember to include a copy of your sales receipt as well as detailed information regarding the fault.

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Except as specified below, this warranty covers parts and labour to correct all defects in materials and workmanship.

The following are not covered by the warranty.

1) Damage, deterioration, malfunction or failure to meet performance specifications resulting from:

a) Accidents, acts of nature, misuse, abuse or unauthorised product modification.

b) Improper installation, removal or maintenance, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product.

c) Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorised by Marantz to repair the product.

d) Any shipment of the product (claims must be presented to the carrier)

e) Any cause other than a product defect

2) Cleaning, initial set-up, check-ups with no defects found, or charges incurred for installation, removal or reinstallation of the product.

3) Any product on which the serial number has been defaced modified or removed.

4) Batteries.

5) Accessories, including but not limited to, batteries, cables, mounting hardware and brackets, cleaning accessories, antenna and detachable power cords.

6) Warranty is void if purchase was made from anyone other than an authorised Marantz dealer. 

Who may enforce the warranty?

This warranty may be enforced only by the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

What Marantz will cover

We will pay for all labour and material expenses for items covered by the warranty. Payment of shipping charges is discussed in the next section of this warranty.

How can you get your unit serviced?

1) If your unit needs serviced and is out of its warranty period contact Marantz UK customer service in writing. You can find address details on the “Contact Us” section of our website. We will advise you of the name and location of one or more authorised Marantz service agents from which service can be obtained.

2) You must pay any shipping charges if it is necessary to ship the product for service. However, if the necessary repairs are covered under warranty we will pay the shipping charges to and from any destination within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, as long as it is from the retailer of where you originally purchased the product.

3) Whenever warranty service is required, you must present the original dated sales receipt or other dated proof of purchase. This proof of purchase must show the name of the purchaser and the retailer of where the product was purchased from.

Limitations of implied warranties

All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purchase, are limited in duration to the length of this warranty.

Exclusion of damages

Marantz liability for any defective product is limited to repair or replacement of the product at Marantz' option. Marantz shall not be liable for damage to other products caused by any defect in Marantz’ products, damages based upon inconvenience or loss of use of the product, or any other damages, whether incidental, consequential, or otherwise.

Warranty Claim

Marantz advises contacting the retailer of where you purchased the product from so that they can verify the product claim and then honour it under warranty conditions if need be.