Marantz Slimline Collection

Slimline Collection

Refined in style and sound.

Excellence for Any Space

Warm tones, smooth textures, subtle details—each describes Marantz sound and appearance. Marantz slimline products are designed with the same ethos yet occupy less space than full-size models.

Designs the Complement
A Perfect Entry Point
Sound Perfected

Marantz Recommends

Just you and the Movies

Just You and the Movies

Get superior sound without the space commitment. CINEMA 70s is compact in design, yet still delivers impressive sound with enough power to support seven channels.
Make Space for Quality

Make Space for Quality

Upgrade from ‘good enough’ with the high-resolution audio of a Marantz STEREO 70s 2-channel slimline stereo receiver. The STEREO 70s is an excellent entrance for new Marantz enthusiasts.
Home Theater Essentials

Home Theater Essentials

The immersive AV receiver that stays out of sight. With five channels at 50 watts per channel, four HDMI inputs, and 4K support, the NR1510 contains all the power and compatibility you need for an exciting surround sound setup.
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