Achieve the Best Sound Possible

What is Dirac Live?

Dirac Live is a professional room calibration solution that enables you to optimize your sound systems and reduce unwanted effects introduced by the environment. Utilizing purpose-built audio algorithms, Dirac Live provides world-class room correction through unique and patented technology. Plus, an intuitive user interface and step-by-step guidance allows for a quick setup and ease of use.

Why You Should Use Dirac Live

Why You Should Use Dirac Live

Dirac Live Room Correction

Dirac Live optimizes your sound with respect to both frequency and time, correcting across the whole listening space. The result allows for improved localization of sound events (staging), better clarity and intelligibility in music and speech, and a deeper and tighter bass free of resonances throughout the entire listening area.

Room Correction Benefits

Enhanced Clarity
More Accurate Imaging
Larger Sweet Spot
Tune with Simplicity
Dirac Live - Achieve the Best Sound Possible

Dirac Live Bass Control

Your living space, designed with comfort and beauty in mind, can now achieve optimal acoustic performance and deep, punchy bass. Dirac Live Bass Control eliminates variations between listening positions and allows for smooth, even bass distribution throughout your room - no matter the position of your subwoofer.

Bass Control Benefits

Low-Frequency Transition
Consistent Low-Frequency Response
Bass Management on Multiple Subwoofers
Flexible Subwoofer Placement

Dirac Live Compatible Devices

Explore a selection of home theater products that are able to utilize Dirac Live for customized sound in any room.

Here’s How

Download Dirac Live.

Create a Dirac account.

Purchase a license for your device.

Log into Dirac Live on your device.

Calibrate and immerse.