• RC101

    RC101 is the first remote controller that optimized for multi room usage.

  • RC1400

    The RC1400 provides complete control of every component in a home entertainment system, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

  • RC2000mkII

    Comes with all Marantz codes pre-programmed, while other codes are easily entered for controlling most hi-fi and AV productsControls up to 10 separate sources; preprogramming with RC-5 remote IR codes means many brands controllable without further promptingNew codes easily learnt by pointing front sensor at unit, switching to ?learn? mode, and running through each function in turnCommonly used command sequences can be programmed and then accessed at the press of a single button.

  • RC3001

    The introduction of the Marantz RC3001 adds a new dimension in the area of customizable, interactive devices.

  • RC5400

    Automate your home with the improved, innovative, stylish and intuitive Marantz touch screen remote control, the RC5400.

  • RC9001

    Ever dreamed of controlling your entire electronic home environment with just one hand-held controller? With the RC9001 you can do just that… and more.