Just like the breathtaking excitement one feels with every upcoming solar eclipse, Marantz is thrilled to release the latest innovative addition to the Style Series. The PS110/DV110 represents a logical extension of the Style series into audio-visual home entertainment and consists of a separate AV amplifier and a DVD/tuner. Built to uncompromising quality standards, the PS110/DV110 is the ultimate combination of sophisticated good looks, ease of use and state of the art music and movie reproduction capabilities. The SR110/DV110 by Marantz embodies a philosophy that mirrors your lifestyle, a reflection for an uncluttered existence. In harmony with the surroundings yet still making a statement of individuality. The Marantz SR110/DV110 is a refreshing concept in home entertainment, created to satisfy the connoisseur of fine music, thrilling movies, excellent design and extraordinary simplicity.