The SR9600 is simply the best surround receiver we offer. It surpasses the performance levels of even separate components in both sheer brawn and subtle sophistication. THX Ultra2 certification and power output of 140 watts RMS from each of its seven current-feedback amplifiers means the SR9600 will recreate the sonic impact of dynamic movie soundtracks in the largest rooms. Intelligent cooling assures long term stability even under demanding conditions. Analog preamp circuitry features wideband HDAM-SA2 modules. The oversized power supply include a toroidal transformer and Marantz-designed storage capacitors for quick response to rapidly varying sources. Dual 32-bit microprocessors handle surround decoding and 9-band parametric M.R.A.C. adjustments with outstanding speed and accuracy. Two AM/FM tuners let you listen to different stations in different areas of your home. Connectivity includes IEEE 1394 and a Marantz-optimized version of HDMI for accurate data transfer and software upgrade capability. The high definition display makes control and adjustment easy. Dolby Headphone produces a private, natural, non-fatiguing surround experience. An RS-232 port and 4 programmable 12 volt triggers let the SR9600 function in virtually any custom-designed home theater system. Matching DV9600 DVD player