The SR4002 opens the range of Marantz AV receivers equippped with HDMI switching. 2 in and 1 out enables reproduction of High Definition audio from Blu-ray DiskTM and HD DVD players. Your favourite music or movies can now also be experienced on a whole new level with the 7.1 Multi channell PCM decoder. Speaker set up has never been easier with the Marantz own MRAC auto set up giving you the best performance in your own listening and watching enviroment. Two HDMI sources can easily be connected to it with only one HDMI cable running to the display. It represents outstanding combination of home theater receiver performance, features and flexibility along with renown Marantz sound quality. Experience the true excitement of a movie soundtrack through 192kHz/24-bit audio D/A conversion and experience the ultimate functionality of having a wide variety of analogue and digital video and audio inputs, outputs, including HDMI and Component video switching. With the SR4002 being the Most affordable AV receiver in our range it is the ultimate choice for a wide variety of high performance home theater enthusiasts.