SACD & CD Player

Ca si in cazul amplificatoarelor, CD pleyer-ele nu trebuiesc privte doar din perspectiva specificatiilor. Trebuie sa le asculti! Acest lucru se intampla atunci cand Marantz proiecteaza SACD Playere de inalta clasa. Totul se bazeaza pe o vasta experienta in proiectare si intelegere profunda a tehnicii de redare a muzicii. Pentru a te convinge, trebuie sa le asculti!

  • CD5001 OSE

    CD5001 Original Special Edition (OSE) CD player is the Marantz inhouse modified version of the CD5001.

  • CD5003

    The CD5003 incorporates high quality audio components such as the well-known CS4392 DA converter, the Marantz own HDAM-SA2 and a reliable CD transport mechanism.

  • CD5004

    The CD5004 is an excellent player to reproduce high-quality audio.

  • CD5400

    The CD5400 CD player employs the latest digital-to-analogue converter and CD transport mechanism, delivering the highest musicality as well as convenient features.

  • CD5400 OSE

    CD5400 Original Special Edition (OSE) CD player is the Marantz self-tuned version of the CD5400.

  • CD6000

    Marantz has set a new reference with the CD6000 CD-player. Built around the highly reliable VAM 1201 mechanism, the CD6000 offers high quality audio performance. Excellent error corection and precise filter circuits using HDAM make this machine the perfect choice for the very demanding music lover.