True audiophiles continuously seek to enhance their home listening environment and capture every detail of a musical performance with precise imaging. The right combination of HiFi components and speakers creates an ideal listening environment, projecting a soundstage where the listener can experience every note as it was meant to be heard. The audiophile's quest for perfect sonic reproduction is what drives the advanced design of a reference-quality audio system.

What do we mean by reference-quality sound?
When music-lovers talk about "reference quality," they mean that a piece of equipment or system sets the standard for the very best sound. These are the components that all other audio setups are judged against, giving the fullest possible representation of music as it was originally recorded. New products and technological advancements can push that standard to new heights, but to be considered reference quality, components and speakers must represent the very best that a manufacturer has to offer.

Painstaking design for amazing results
Marantz built its reputation on top-of-the-line audio performance, and the 10 Series demonstrates how the latest advancements in engineering enable unprecedented clarity and dynamics from digital and analog sources. The PM-10 integrated amplifier brings together a preamplifier and a pair of monobloc power amps. This dual-mono design includes power supplies for the preamplifier and each of the power amplifier channels to deliver music with unprecedented detail and impact.

The PM-10 sends an output of 2 x 200 watts into an 8 ohm load or a 2 x 400 W output into 4 ohms, making it versatile enough to handle the requirements of even the most demanding speakers. At the same time, the amplifier is carefully constructed to prevent any control section noise from interfering with the audio signal. For the purest possible sound, the reference-quality amplifier features fully balanced circuitry, and the purely analog design does not include a digital-to-audio-converter.

Build a system for premium performance
A commitment to the power of pure analog sound does not mean foregoing digital music sources, especially when hi-res audio files and Super Audio CDs have opened up tremendous possibilities for enjoying the complexity of recordings. Pair your amplifier with the SA-10, an SACD and CD player that includes DAC and digital inputs, and immerse yourself in the subtleties of your full music collection.

This component plays music from your disc collection with unprecedented fidelity while also offering options for listening to files from your computer or through optical and coaxial inputs. With features built to take full advantage of the latest generation of lossless media, a time-honored devotion to sonic perfection meets future-forward technology.

How we understand reference-quality sound changes over time, but an unwavering focus on craftsmanship is always the foundation for most compelling audio. Learn more about building the best possible setup for your home by taking a look at the full line of receivers and HiFi components available from Marantz.