Enjoy reference quality CD playback or the full magnificence offered by the CD and SA-CD format. The new SA-15S1 is the successor of the highly acclaimed CD-17 CD players. The cabinet is built in the new Marantz premium design without any visible screws, a heavy double layer chassis and a slightly blue illuminated front. The low noise LCD display shows information in a decent color. The quick and reliable working mechanism has a black surface to prevent any distortion of the laser light. The carefully read out digital data will be handled by the Crystal CS4397 D/A converter. For further sound improvements the CS4397 will be served with a high precision system clock to prevent any distortion from jitter. The output stage is built in current feedback topology with the HDAM modules offering a high bandwidth and fast signal handling needed for pure audiophile playback regardless the format. Enjoy the extraordinarysound quality of this exquisite component from the Marantz 15-series.