As an accessory for the RC9001 this out-of-the-box stand-alone Wi-Fi Extender with zero installation and configuration effort wil enhance your multi-room expierence to new dimensions. The RX8001 is able to operate in a wireless or a wired network. By default, the RC9001 is using infrared (IR) to operate the programmed AV components. This means that you have to point the remote towards the device you’re operating. Normally, IR signals have an operating distance of maximum 10 meter. You can choose to operate devices using radio frequency Wi-Fi signals instead of IR signals. Depending on the circumstances, Wi-Fi signals have a much larger operating distance in house. The Wi-Fi signals sent out by the RC9001 are picked up by the external Wi-Fi receiver RX8001. The receiver converts the Wi-Fi signal to an electrical signal which will send the converted IR signals to the appropriate component.