Ever dreamed of controlling your entire electronic home environment with just one hand-held controller? With the RC9001 you can do just that… and more. The RC9001 gives you control of your home environment in every possible remote control sense via one customizable and easy to use interface. It’s the result of extensive market studies and testing with both enthusiastic end-users and professional installers across the globe. Its trend-setting ergonomic design, True Color touch screen, sophisticated set-up via PC and IR / Wi-Fi command transmission opens unlimited possibilities. The installed Pronto Script allows IP and 2-way communications for easy control of your AV-products, your music server, and lighting system. For even more control you can use the extension modules RX8001 and RX9001 for operating hidden systems via RF or RS232. Now you can really shape your ideas, take your creativity to a new level and enjoy perfect control like never before, in true Marantz style.