Style Systems

  • CR401

    The Marantz CR401 system brings convenience and outstanding musicality to each room of your home.

  • CR601

    The Marantz CR601 is the bridge to the latest digital radio technology DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting.

  • DR2100

    The DR2100 is an advanced two tray CDplayer/CDrewriter.designed for those with distinct and individual tastes, it lets you edit your collection and create your own CD compilationsalmost at the touch of a button and copy and edit CD text discs too.

  • DV2100

    The DV2100 is an advanced DVD player.Designed for those with distinct and individual tastes, it combines an elegant and slim design with the perfection of DVD video.

  • PS2100

    Driving the system is the PS2100 receiver combining a dynamic 5 x 45 watts power output with a FM/AM/LW RDS tuner.There is a circle suuround effect for a more three demensional performance for stereo sources, and a choise of other sound fields at you command of your easy- to operate remote control.

  • SR2100

    Driving the system is the SR2100 receiver, combining a dynamic 50 Watts per channel output with FM/AM/LW RDS tuner.Interactive menus and clear displays keep you firmly in command.