The SA-7S1 Super Audio CD player launches integration in to new heights of stunning, reference-quality excellence. Perfect harmony with the other sections of this integrated player is ensured by our highly advanced digital filter techniques, which use Marantz's own filter characteristic. The result is the most detailed and dynamic reproduction ever heard. In addition, and unique to Marantz, is our full separation of digital and analogue sections, this not only separates the digital and analogue power supplies but separates them at ground level as well - thanks to the new GMR (Giant Magneto Resistor) technology - totally avoiding any influence of digital on the sensitive analogue whatsoever. Further options are external clock input and digital phase inverting. And because the whole unit is as "solid as a rock", with a metal tray disc mechanism, copper-shielded chassis, high-grade power supply and best-in-class components, this player represents absolute uncompromising quality, designed, engineered and created for the uncompromising ear.