Value for affordable money.. The Marantz DV4400 doesn?t promise, it delivers all you need -and more- to get the best out of movies and music software. It?s an outstanding DVD player equipped with the latest Audio and Video technologies and Marantz sound enhancements/features. It?s capable of playing a multitude of 12 cm discs such as DVD-Video, Video CD and music CDs. Additionally it also playback CD-R/RW discs containing MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) or JPEG format recorded on a PC. What sets this player apart are a the cursor key on the (metal!) front panel which will allow intuitive setup adjustments, Marantz selected components and Fl display off. Partner the DV4400 with a Marantz receiver and you will end up with a stylish and versatile home entertainment setup, hitting home the sheer emotion of music and movie content..