The BD7003 offers Marantz?s revered pedigree in engineering class leading universal players, which now includes Blu-ray playback, at an exceptionally competitive price point. The BD7003 creates a full High Definition 1080p image and outputs Blu-ray discs in a true film-like 24 frames per second. The HDMI 1.3a output terminal supports Deep Color. The stunning image via the analogue video outputs is created by a high quality 12-bit/297MHz video DAC. For ultimate compatibility it can output the HD audio formats Dolby True HD and DTS HD, alongside the lossless 5.1 PCM signal converted from the HD audio. This means the BD7003 can be connected to every existing Marantz A/V receiver with HDMI inputs for HD audio, even if there are no decoders aboard. Moreover, the BD7003 replays not only Blu-ray discs, but also upscales your DVD to 1080p, so they can be experienced at a whole new level. The convenient SD card slot allows easy viewing of high definition videos and photos and even the BD7003 can even replay digitally stored music, such as MP3 and AAC files. Completed with a Graphical User Interface for clear and easy set up, and a slick remote control, the BD7003 allows you to step into High Definition heA/Ven.