SR5400 Original SE is the Marantz self-tuned version of the SR5400. To dramatically improve the sound quality, all the components are critically examined, after which it is possible to determine where customisation is needed. At the end of this detailed process the power supply lines are enforced and the audio circuitry is tremendously tweaked up. This custom treatment gives a much more consistent response in entire frequency range. Musical reproduction ischaracterized by improved transparency and image, as well as tonal accuracy. The Marantz SR5400 Orginal SE features like its base model DTS ES, NEO:6 decoding, Dolby Pro LogicII and Circle Surround 6.1. Highly accurate 96kHz/24-bit audio D/A converters handle the analog to digital conversion, resulting in more faithful sound quality compared to the original source. Experience your movies and music in dynamic Marantz style.