The SR8001 is simply the best surround THX select2 receiver we?ve ever offered. It surpasses theperformance levels of even separate components in both sheer brawn and subtle sophistication. THXSelect2 certification - and power output of 125 Watts RMS from each of its seven current-feedbackamplifiers - means the SR8001 will recreate the sonic impact of dynamic movie soundtracks in thelargest rooms. Technologies like THX Select2 specification provide uncompromised enveloping 7.1channel playback of any multi-channel program, whether it?s movie soundtracks or music, over thewidest possible seating area.The wide array of connections and outputs and its top qualityperformance makes the SR8001 an enduring investment and this is future proofed by Audyssey MULTEQ, 4in and 2out HDMI sockets and the upconversion from analogue signals including I/P conversionto HDMI.