Delivering 2 x 70 watts into 8 ohms (or 100 watts, 4 ohm), this current feedback amplifier uses audiophile-grade customized components and HDAMs to faithfully reproduce the music’s dynamic structure, tonal quality and stereo image. The copper-plated chassis and rear panel reduce signal-degrading EMI, and offers the lowest possible impedance grounding to every spot of the amp. An extra heavy bottom plate minimises vibration. Power handling characteristics have been reshaped and optimised, and the large Toroidal transformer has been specially designed for this renewed circuitry. Its low impedance, wide-bandwidth power supply ensures a massive energy reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers with absolute ease. And, because ‘vinyl’ is back, it supports Phono MM as well in current feedback technology. Enjoy the exclusivity of this unsurpassed PM8003.