Lettore SACD & CD

Come con gli amplificatori, non si può giudicare un lettore CD, analizzando le sue specifiche. Bisogna ascoltalo! E' quello che fa Marantz nella progettazione degli insuperabili lettori (SA)CD. Sembra tutto facile, ma solo con una lunga esperienza nella progettazione del prodotto e una comprensione intima della riproduzione musicale è possibile creare prodotti come i nostri lettori CD. Dovete ascoltare per credere!

  • CD-17MKII M

    In order to achieve superb levels of dynamics and detail, a differential DAC-7 bitstream converter and fast acting HDAM make the CD-17mkII ultra-responsive to musical subtleties.A solid metal casing and shieldings eliminate vibration and interference, keeping the signal pure for your musical enjoyment.The CD-17mkII M also features CD-RW playback and full CD-Text functions.

  • CD17mkIIKI

    The KI-series of Marantz are the embodiment of the knowledge and inspired vision of Ken Ishiwata. To understand his vision best, just experience this exquisite piece of equipment

  • CD4000

    The CD4000 provides a full options CD-playerwith the high quality VAM1201 mechanism. This CD-player will therefore last for a very long time with best stability and accurac

  • CD5000

    With it?s VAM1201 mechanism and it?s high quality D/A convertor, the CD5000 will even satisfy the demanding listener. Designed to be reliable with an exellent error correction, this player will never disappoint in it?s reproduction of pure audio.

  • CD5001

    The CD5001 CD player employs the well known high quality CS4392 digital-to-analogue converter and a reliable CD transport mechanism, delivering the highest musicality as well as convenient features.

  • CD5001 OSE

    CD5001 Original Special Edition (OSE) CD player is the Marantz inhouse modified version of the CD5001.