With continuing advancements in surround sound technology, mastering an immersive home theater experience is more accessible than ever. The latest audio formats support more channels and are capable of creating a layered soundscape that captures an incredible range of sonic details.

Among today's prevalent surround sound formats, Auro-3D is one of the most advanced, recreating cinema-quality audio in the confines of your home theater.

How Auro-3D stands out from the competition?
There are a lot of high-res audio formats out there today, so why should cinephiles choose Auro-3D? For starters, Auro-3D is the consumer version of Barco Auro 11.1, the surround sound system used in many of the world's leading movie theaters. Auro-3D provides an audio format that's suitable for filling a large viewing space with layered, nuanced playback. If your goal is to create the experience of watching a movie on the big screen, Auro-3D has your audio needs covered.

Auro-3D differentiates itself from other high-res audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X by using a channel-based system. Each channel carries specific elements of the movie soundtrack, so every speaker in your setup serves a dedicated function. That includes channels that add distinct height to the soundscape — you haven’t truly seen “Gravity” until you’ve experienced it with three-dimensional sound. The more channels you add to your surround sound system, the more depth you build into the audio experience.

Getting started with Auro-3D
Although Auro-3D can technically work with a baseline 5.1-channel speaker system, you need to think bigger to maximize the experience. Ideally, your home theater will support at minimum a 9.1-channel speaker setup and Auro-3D.

Several Marantz AV products receivers, including the flagship AV8805, or the new SR7013 come equipped with Auro-3D inside, enabling them to decode original Auro-3D mixes and play them in 10.1-channel purity with the aptly named "Voice of God" channel.

Building upon a standard 5.1-channel setup (center, subwoofer, front left, front right, rear left and rear right), Auro-3D users can easily scale up to at least a 9.1-channel configuration. Placing your four height speakers directly above your corner left and right speakers will add the depth and immersion that is triumphed by 3D audio. Add another layer to your soundscape by placing a top layer speaker directly above your listening position to achieve the "Voice of God" effect.

Elevate your home theater with Auro-3D. Marantz provides the audio equipment needed to create the best home theater experience possible.