The moment that the Blu-ray standard became fully specified was also the moment for Marantz to give the green light to its engineers and to pull out all the stops. They were told to create the ultimate-quality Blu-ray and SACD player for best pictures and best sound. The result is the flagship UD9004: an unbelievably pulsating experience for your eyes and your ears. The UD9004 incorporates Silicon Realta Optix HQV 10-bit processing technology from professional broadcast systems with no less than 10 technologies for a breathtaking picture experience from DVD and Blu-ray. It also has a whole host of state-of-the-art features to reproduce exceptional-quality audio – as you would expect from a Marantz player. It includes a heavy multilayer copper-plated chassis, and an audio-exclusive nstrong power supply with encased Toroidal transformer and customized capacitors. To avoid any cross talk to the main front channels, dedicated boards are used in the XLR outputs, the main cinch outputs, and the left over channels. So in total four audio boards with only the best components are used. And, because it includes the Marantz HDAM-SA2s and an all-over sound tuning, the result is a spacious, lively and well tonal balanced, exceptional audio reproduction.