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The 7.2 channel AV7005 gives you superb audio quality because all audio signals are treated with delicate care via the Marantz-own HDAM modules before being passed to the XLR outputs and the separate power amp. In addition, all audio signals enter the DSP in a variety of ways to ensure that all channels are kept completely separate, thus eliminating interfering ‘channel crosstalk’. For example, you can route the audio signal via the network jack for streaming music from your PC or Internet radio. Alternatively, you can route it via one of the six HDMI inputs, one of which is hidden behind the front flap for easy access. Here you can also find the iPod-digital-compatible USB input and a second double line display, which complements the famous elegant circular display with more detailed information. The AV7005 also takes supreme care of 3D video signals, even in stand-by mode, and sends them to the two HDMI output sockets. And there is even a Phono MM input – ideal for those precious vinyls. It supports all the latest sound formats including Audyssey DSX by using the Sharc 32Bit signal processor from Analog Devices, also for handling the MultEQ XT auto calibration. It’s all there, just waiting to perform.

Plus: The AVR7005 is one of the first AirPlay compatible products (feature upgrade required). 
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