The Marantz SR7007 has recieved the AVForums Recommended badge in fantastic online review (March 2013).

okt. 03, 2013

According to this article, "ultimately, the Marantz SR7007 is a great all-rounder, delivering a comprehensive feature set and highly competent performance for a reasonable price."

After reading this review it is not difficult to see exactly why the Marantz AV Receiver has receieved this award. "When it came to handling standard and high definition content, the SR7007 delivered an impressive performance"

Meanwhile, when it came to audio perfomance the "The SR7007 could reach high volumes without distorting or compressing and perhaps more importantly it was very good at providing plenty of resolution and detail at lower levels. The imaging and panning of the SR7007 delivered a well-defined and cohesive soundfield that reproduced all the detail inherent in the audio design and delivered an effectively immersive surround field. In both its 5.1 and 7.1 configurations, the SR7007 could effectively replicate the subleties of the surround mix on movies such as Argo, with plenty of precise imaging and clear dialogue; Overall the SR7007 proved to be a very competent performer, taking every format we tested in its stride."

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