Marantz duo are awarded the 'Editors Choice' logo in the latest issue of Hi-Fi News magazine (February 2013).

jan. 06, 2013

Hi-Fi News magazine publishes a fantastic review of the Marantz SA-11S3 and PM-11S3 in their most recent issue.

Ken Kessler provides a detailed account of this Marantz pair. When tested with Lou Rawls' CD 'At last' "His inimitable, heavy textured voice came through as vividly as I have ever heard it, the rasps and resonances eerily convincing and life-like; sax had punch, pianos rang or tinkled as needed; and that was a 24 year old CD with no audiophile pedigree to account for its magnificence."

Additionally, Ken describes the SA-11S3 as "just one of the finest SACD players I've used". When playing Rory Block SACD 'Last Fair Deal', "you can, as I did, just sit back and admit that, my goodness - this sounds real!"

The final verdict confirms why the SA-11S3 and PM-11S3 are worthy winners of the 'Editors Choice' badge. "It is impossible not to be charmed by this pair, which at £7200 certainly falls into the high-end category. I'd defy anyone not to show respect for the silky, detailed, punchy performance, while it's behaviour with modern digital sources is exemplary for finesse and plain old 'listenability'."

To read the full review check out Hi-Fi News magazine (February 2013).