Happy Birthday! In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we are offering a £200 gift with every Consolette purchase.

jan. 30, 2013

Marantz invites everyone to join in our 60th anniversary festivities with a year full of surprises and special anniversary offers.

The celebrations start right now with the world’s finest wireless music system for audiophiles. Purchase the Consolette in February or March 2013 and you will receive a wonderful £200 discount. And with the system now costing £699 it is within reach of even more people. Bringing together true audiophile sound quality, exceptional levels of craftsmanship, luxury materials, spectacular industrial design and a cutting-edge feature count, the Consolette redefines what a music system can be. What’s more, this is just the first in a whole series of special events to celebrate our 60th anniversary.

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