• RC9200

    Automate your home entertainment system with the innovative, stylish and intuitive Marantz RC9200 color or the RC5200.

  • RC9500

    The technicolor dreams shared by many owners, eager to create the ultimate interface to the ultimate electronics control device, has been limited until now.

  • RX-77

    The RX-77 works in combination with RC9500 or RC5400 and is able to receive their RF signal and then convert it to an IR signal that can be received by Audio / AV equipment.The RX-77 can flash IR signals by itself, or can be connected directly to the IR sensor of the Audio / AVcomponent via the included IR Emitter. ID setting and RF channel setting allow multiple use of the RC9500/5400 and RX-77 without having any confliction between the systems.

  • RX8001

    As an accessory for the RC9001 this out-of-the-box stand-alone Wi-Fi Extender with zero installation and configuration effort wil enhance your multi-room expierence to new dimensions.

  • RX9001

    The RX9001 makes sure that you are in complete control of your entire in-house installation and gets the maximum out of your RC9001 remote controler.