SACD- & CD -soitin

Aivan kuten vahvistimien kanssa, et myöskään voi arvostella CD-soittimia pelkästään faktojen peusteella. Sinun on kuunneltava! Ja niin Marantz tekee, kun se suunnittelee ja valmistaa ylittämättömiä (SA)CD-soittiamia. Kaikki kuullostaa helpolta, mutta vain henkilöt, joilla on pitka kokemus tuotekehittelystä ja läheinen tuntemus musiikista ja sen toistosta, voivat luoda tuotteita kuten Marantzin CD-soittimia. Kuuntele ja uskot!

  • CD-17MKII KI Modified

    ...WORKS OF ART...A Different Design Approach... ...including Ken Ishiwata?s latest strive to a new benchmark in sound reproduction... ... and based on the same highly aspired modifications which became Ken?s standard trademark... ...We invite you to listen at your nearest Authorized Premium Dealer

  • CD-17MKII M

    In order to achieve superb levels of dynamics and detail, a differential DAC-7 bitstream converter and fast acting HDAM make the CD-17mkII ultra-responsive to musical subtleties.A solid metal casing and shieldings eliminate vibration and interference, keeping the signal pure for your musical enjoyment.The CD-17mkII M also features CD-RW playback and full CD-Text functions.

  • CD17mkIIKI

    The KI-series of Marantz are the embodiment of the knowledge and inspired vision of Ken Ishiwata. To understand his vision best, just experience this exquisite piece of equipment

  • CD4000

    The CD4000 provides a full options CD-playerwith the high quality VAM1201 mechanism. This CD-player will therefore last for a very long time with best stability and accurac

  • CD5000

    With it?s VAM1201 mechanism and it?s high quality D/A convertor, the CD5000 will even satisfy the demanding listener. Designed to be reliable with an exellent error correction, this player will never disappoint in it?s reproduction of pure audio.

  • CD5001

    The CD5001 CD player employs the well known high quality CS4392 digital-to-analogue converter and a reliable CD transport mechanism, delivering the highest musicality as well as convenient features.