We could tell you about the specifications of our amplifiers, but specifications are just facts. We’re interested in feelings. That’s why Marantz amplifiers are ‘invisible’ – they adds nothing to the music signal that wasn’t intended by the musician, but they keep the loudspeaker under total control, exactly how it is intended. So you can enjoy the feeling to the fullest!

  • AV9000

    Reference sound quality is the main message of this Pre-tuner.

  • MA-9S1 Integrated Amplifier

    Fully balanced monaural power amplifier with instantaneous current supply capability.

  • MA-9S2 Integrated Amplifier

    Reference Series full balanced monaural power amplifier

  • PM-11S1 Integrated Amplifier

    New premium design offers contemporary balanced design with user-friendly button layout and LCD display.

  • PM-11S2

    This adored member of the Marantz Premium Range is packed with advanced technologies.

  • PM-11S3

    Premium Integrated Stereo Amplifier from the highly-acclaimed Marantz Premium Range.