The Marantz SA/PM14S1 Special Edition Wins HiFi News Outstanding Product Award

Sep 01, 2015

"…the Marantz pairing simply delivers musical communication, while at the same time having all the power and control required to slam out larger musical forces, be they orchestral or electric. The these ears it's a combination capable of setting new standards in the sub-£2000 hi-fi separates arena."

Without all the fuss of fiddling and adjustment, it just gets on with the job of delivering the music in a manner that's highly entertaining, and often really rather startling in impact."

"Ken Ishiwata has come up with a fitting celebration of his 30 years of product tuning, in this impressive disc-player/DAC and an equally accomplished integrated amp. They focus the attention on the quality of recording and performance: each does so much right in pure hi-fi terms, but the real achievement is that the clever stuff going on is entirely subservient to the music being delivered."