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// Music is served //

A New York Holiday

With every listen, hear a story. All our products carry with them the lavish feeling of winter in New York, where the Marantz Legacy began. Marantz pieces bring that energy home, making every holiday event a special one. Eat like it’s your last meal, dance like the night will never end, and party like the empire state.

Marantz amplifiers fill your celebration with longevity. With every song change, you’re breathing new life into the occasion. Choose a vinyl for ambiance, a CD to spread holiday spirit, or simply stream and give everyone a chance to curate the mood.

All You Need, Wrapped in One

The passion and extraordinary attention to detail in our new integrated stereo amplifier, MODEL 40n, heightens the energy at all your events. With streaming built-in and multi-room listening capability, your whole home is coated in the palpable feeling of your holiday playlist.

The Season of Soul

Soul adds to the warmth of a room and moves you from within. This is the holidays in its sincerest form. Curated to mesh with any holiday environment, our deep and spirited playlist can serve as the background for thoughtful conversation or add some swing to your soirée. Best enjoyed through Marantz.

Listen like a true audiophile with high-fidelity sound and high-definition video quality.

Marantz Classics: Holiday Soul

This playlist from Marantz was designed to celebrate the heart of the holidays — soulful, joyous, and moving music.

Now for the Main Course: CINEMA

When the lights go down, eyes light up. Take your party to the next level as you head from music, drinks, and desserts to your private home theater. Here, a movie is more than a movie — it is the climax to a spectacular night.

// Cinema is where the holidays come to life //

Marantz Presents, The CINEMA Series

Believe in the Magic

Experience the movies that meant the most to you, as they were meant to be heard. Our new CINEMA 50, 60, and 70s immerse you in the classics with state-of-the-art technology like Dolby Atmos, 8k video, and room calibration.

As every thoughtful gift should be, our new CINEMA Series was crafted with a precise attention to detail. The path of creation to delivery was one of countless steps, from the hands of our acoustic artisans to a final evaluation and approval by our world-class Marantz Sound Master.

Pieces of Perfection

Experience the movies that mean the most to you, as they were meant to be heard.

In preparation for your next party, excellent home audio is one less thing to worry about. The new CINEMA 50, 60 and 70s make enjoying all your entertainment effortless. It is easy to use, install and manage, and has integrated voice assistants, a modern TV interface, and greater customization than ever before.

As your guests arrive, they will be greeted by an atmosphere of perfection. Wrapped in a sleek and streamlined package, our superior sound is further elevated by the products refined design. Luxurious accents, elevated materials, and inspired style add up to sound that fits beautifully in your home. So, while food is shared, and drinks are served, your party will have plenty to admire.

The season is made greater by the sounds of laughter, love, and music. Take time to cherish these holiday moments as your friends and family gather to celebrate. From all of us at Marantz, we wish you and yours a most joyous holiday.

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