HDAM | Marantz Canada

Making amplifiers quieter, more efficient, and ever more musical since 1992.

It's in their nature for Marantz sound engineers to be constantly looking to improve music technology, and that’s how Saul would have wanted it to be.

So when they couldn’t find a solution to the background noise emitted by traditional operational amplifiers, they took it upon themselves to create one.

Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules are that solution – a combination of exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge circuity – and one of Marantz most ingenious inventions to date.

Innovative architecture

By redesigning the overall architecture of the amplifier circuit, Marantz engineers managed to cleverly incorporate tiny preamplifier modules between the volume control and power amplifier sections. This helps to achieve that signature sound that is at once immersive and expansive.

Subtle improvements

HDAMs help to make Marantz SR-Series and AV Receivers perform with almost zero background noise, they have also drastically improved the speed at which signals coming into the module are translated into amplified sounds going out.

This means that the output of a Marantz amplifier is a far more responsive, and offers a more accurate representation of the input.

As a result the music sounds fresh and alive, more rich and dynamic, and with high frequencies you can trust. It's yet another way that Marantz helps to make your music sound like it should.